Who's behind JustCryptIt

JustCryptIt is a project developed by those crazy guys at eLearnSecurity. eLearnSecurity is known to have revolutionized the IT Security training field with 100% practical training courses and virtual labs on Web App and Network Security.

Why JustCryptIt

We wanted to send files to our marketing and sales people around the world. "Install GnuPG" is Vedic Sanskrit for this people, you know. But it had to be fast, cause even hackers like us are lazy. So we invented JustCryptIt.

The name

We couldn't come up with a decent name that also had an available domain. One day, listening to Michael Jackson's "Beat it" , we said...why not!?

Can I join you as employee/intern?

Sure! Send us your CV and book your flight for Tuscany. We'll cook for you, you'll code for us.

Credits and Contacts

- Andrea Tarquini - Main Developer and Code wizard

To contact the team please use: dev-email