General questions

JustCryptIt is the fastest way you to send confidential documents to friends and colleagues: 100% Secure, 100% FREE of charge.
If you are wondering why you need JustCryptIt you either don't know what JustCryptIt can do for you or you have been on Mars in the past few months (which is nice in the Summer). Internet is a beautiful place. But it's also a place where governments, criminals and competitors use their skillset and their technologies to control and spy whatever you do online: your emails, your habits and the documents you share. If you've ever sent a confidential file without encrypting it, chances are that someone has read its contents. And it was not the intended recipient.
JustCryptIt makes sure that your documents are encrypted and that your recipients are verified. This means that no one except the intended recipients will ever read the content of your company's financials, your business plan or your recent holiday's pictures.
There's nothing to install! Everything happens online and in few seconds (time depends on how fast you can drag and drop files ).
No need for registration or login. You can use JustCryptIt for free and 100% anonymously. In this case you are entitled to upload files up to 1 MB in size. To increase this limit just login with your Google or Facebook account and share the awesomeness of JustCryptIt with your friends. You will get more MegaBytes and more gifts.
JustCryptIt employs different security levels. The basic mode is reasonably secure. The more advanced mode allows you to configure the communication and enforce recipients authentication which makes JustCryptIt an extremely reliable and secure service employing the best algorithms available for encryption and authentication. You just need to spend 2 minutes to understand how JustCryptIt works. Knowing how it works will help reaching a very secure and anonymous communication with your peers.
When you drag and drop a file into JustCryptIt we will provide you with a decryption link. Any one with the decryption link can obtain the file. However! If you follow the advanced mode, you can decide exactly who can obtain the file by selecting his/her profile(s) on services like Google or Facebook. E.g. I want my holiday's pictures to be seen by a bunch of relatives and friends from Facebook. Even if someone gets to know the decryption link, he will not be able to get the files! He has to prove he's in the authorized list of recipients.
There's a box on the home page. You can just drag a file and drop into it. The guided process will generate the encrypted file and upload it on our cloud servers. Before you even realize you will obtain the decryption link that you can give to your intended recipients. There's also a more advanced process that will provide many more security features. It only takes a few seconds more and it's worth trying for maximum security.
When you use the advanced mode, you can decide who your intended recipients are. You do so exploiting the potential of Google and Facebook. If you know your recipients' Facebook account or Google account you can just look them up and select them through the JustCryptIt interface. You will still share the decryption link with them but they will be able to decrypt the file only after they authenticate, with their username and password, into Google or Facebook. Simple and 100% effective.
Impossible. JustCryptIt does not record any data related to the sender or the receivers identity. This way we guarantee not only the confidentiality of the communication but also its anonymity.
We store absolute nothing about you. JustCryptIt guarantees privacy and anonymity. We will store your email address if you decide to register and increase your usage limits. Even in this case we do NOT store any information related to your files or your peers.
If you want to stay 100% anonymous and don't want to register, you can use JustCrypt it for file uploads of 1MB in size. Otherwise you can login and increase this limit by sharing JustCryptIt with your friends.
We comply with DMCA and any copyright law. If we are reported a copyright violation we will act immediately by removing the offending file.

Technical questions

JustCryptIt generates random and secure keys. We use different entropy sources. You can even take part to the key generation process through mouse movements and keystrokes.
Encryption happens client-side (that is in your web browser) thanks to the latest W3C standards and the CryptoJS libraries. JustCryptIt uses AES-256 (ISO/IEC 18033-3) symmetric algorithm to encrypt files. Quoting U.S. Government: "The design and strength of all key lengths of the AES algorithm (i.e., 128, 192 and 256) are sufficient to protect classified information up to the SECRET level. TOP SECRET information will require use of either the 192 or 256 key lengths". JustCryptIt uses a 256 bit implementation of AES making your documents TOP SECRET.